Present Status

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Centre is considered to the pioneer of organic farming in the country and is also the first certified organic tea garden of the country. KTE is the only agro based industry in Panchthar.Kanchanjangha Tea Estate is considered to the pioneer of organic farming in the country and is also the first certified organic tea garden of the country. KTE is the only agro based industry in Panchthar. 



  • The roadway from the factory to the garden and extension areas has been completed.  KTE is planning to black-top the 8 km road for easy transportation.
  • Construction of Eco-houses is under progress. These houses have been proposed to be built in every collection center for two major purposes. Firstly, the eco-houses will be so designed that they will offer a better storage facility for the raw tea leaves and secondly each eco-house will host four families. For more information please read the CSR section of the website.
  • The supply of continuous electricity has been provisioned in the living quarters of the farmers.
  • The factory building is being extended with the addition of two more rooms to ensure better quality control methods.
    Research and Innovation:
  • The area of the tea garden is inspected every year by the NASAA inspector to ensure its organic soil. The fertility of the soil is maintained by the innovative and regular advice of the research team.
  • Pest management is done through an innovative Ayurvedic Principle which focuses on preventive measures rather than curative ones. For more information, visit the Pest management section of the website.



  • The production areas are regularly inspected by the NASAA to ensure the organic certification.
  • KTE offers training workshops regarding organic farming to the local farmers and monitors their cultivation area regularly.
  • KTE also helps the farmers to get their garden/ agricultural land certified organic.


Human Resource Development:

  • Skilled human resource is the backbone of any company. Realizing the fact, they are properly trained in the organic agriculture methods and made aware of the new and improved techniques in the sector.
  • Coping with the motivational need of the workers, KTE has facilitated its workers with various needs including- a place to stay, daily food requirements in a subsidized rate, free education to their children and so on. For further details, visit the “How do the workers benefit from KTE” section under the CSR tab.


Market Promotion: 

  • Competing in the international market is not easy but with the continuous effort of KTE and Sangrila Agro World (the marketing wing of KTE), KTE has been able to establish a brand (Nepal Organic Tea) in the international market. 
  • Kanchanjangha Tea Estate (KTE) and Sangrila Agro World (SAW) have been continuously participating in the international and national trade fairs for the brand promotion.


With continuous effort Kanchanjangha Tea Estate has been able to:

  • Complete the road network from its garden to the dactory.
  • Complete ht certification process for its own 95 hector garden.
  • Purchase two vehicles to carry green leaf from the farmers’ collection center to the factory.
  • Develop post harvest system of spices which will give quick return to the farmers.
  • Establish Nepal Organic Tea brand in the market with proven quality.
  • Establish a professional marketing Office in Kathmandu, Birtamodh and Phidim.
  • Develop skilled manpower for organic agriculture.


Today, Kanchanjangha Tea Estate is not only a tea producing company, but a center for education too. Every year a number of students from various countries including France, Germany, Korea, Japan intern for months and contribute a helping hand while they acquaint themselves with the knowledge of Organic Agriculture and Co-operative approach to a company.

KTE has served as the perfect model for community development to reduce poverty in Panchthar District from its establishment and will continue to do so in the future.