Environmental protection:

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Centre is committed not only to producing high quality organic certified tea but also conserving the environment and its resources. KTE’s strong commitment towards environmental sustainability has made its products earn high appreciation in the international market. 


The plantation at KTE meets the present demand for firewood and fodder from 20 hectares of forest land of its own. The cutting down of trees is done periodically with a view of its sustainability. The number of trees to be cut down is controlled by KTE itself. KTE has also initiated “two new plants for a tree policy” which advocates the concept that each cut down tree must be replaced by two new plants. 
Vetiver, a plant that binds the soil, is planted on both sides of the road an all the farmers are also encouraged to plant Vertiver around their living quarters as it helps to prevent soil erosion.  Vegetation including Kalo Sirish (Albezia Sinensis), Asuro (Adhatoda Vesica), Bakaino (Melia Azedarach and Khiro (sapium Insigne), which are high in nutrients, are being planted in the garden.
Furthermore, training programs for farmers are conducted regularly to develop their skills in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), composting, environmental protection, etc.