Scholarship Project

    Scholarship Program 


Nepal has an estimate population of 30 million and only about 39%of the total population is literate. There is also a wide variation among the literacy rates of the male and that of the females. According to the Central bureau of Statistics (CBS), the literacy rate of the females is only about 25% while it is about 54% for the male population. Realizing the fact and the need for proper education in the society for the overall development of the nation, KTE initiated a Scholarship program in the year 2002 to all the children of the small farmers of Panchthar District. Scholarships are provided to all children of the farmers to study in the local English Boarding School and the Community School. Nepali Bazaro, a fair trade organization in Japan, has been supporting KTE not only to popularize its product but also to promote its social activities – scholarship program with the support from the “One Coin Concert staff” of Kanagawa Sogou High School, Yokohoma, Japan. Currently 176 children are benefited from the project. With the support from NEPALI BAZARO, KTE is also providing scholarships for higher education to four girls and one boy.